Fast Food
French Fries

Enjoy fluffy golden brown French fries with crispy outer and tender inside. They make perfect delicious snacks to enjoy anytime, available in 6, 10, and 12 mm sizes.

Aloo Tikki

Fresh boiled and mashed potatoes with traditional Indian spices make a healthy and delectable snack stuff.

Veg Burgers

Veg Burgers are tasty modern snack made with fresh Indian vegetables and traditional spices. Healthy stuffing with crispy and fresh bread coating makes a filling food.

Chinese Spring Roll

Our Chinese Spring Roll is a golden brown appetizing snack typically Southeast Asian. The snack is prepared with healthy veggies including capsicum, cabbage, carrot, and mild spices.

Cheese and Sweet Corn Spring Roll

Cheese and Sweet Corn Spring Rolls are our specialty rolled snack with a healthy filling of cheese, sweetcorn, and other vegetables in small portions. The filling is flavoured with mild spices.

Size – 18 gms.

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